DCBuddy 12V/24V/32V/36V Aquarium Power Center

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BATCH 1: Ships June 14, 2024 +/- 1 week
BATCH 2: Ships June 28, 2024 +/- 1 week

Safely replace multiple AC-DC power bricks for VorTech, Gyre, ReefWave, Protein Skimmers and other DC pumps and loads in your aquarium with the DCBuddy! 

Works with Home Assistant! Per-port power control and current monitoring!

Each DCBuddy can replace up to 7 AC-DC power adapters or bricks at one voltage (either 12V, 24, 32V or 36V) using one large, industrial power supply (power supply not included).

Many DC pumps are 24V (Gyres, MP10wQDs, many skimmer DC pumps), but not all.

Some DC pumps are 32V (VorTech MP40wQD) and will also operate at 24V, but may not reach 100% peak flow.

All ports of this model will operate at the same voltage - please ensure the compatibility and use the right supply. 

  • Maximum total current of 10A input (approximately 240W @ 24V, 120W @ 12V). 
  • Per port 3A max sustained, 5A peak current (approximately 72W @ 24V).
  • All ports are short circuit, over-current and over-load protected @ 5A.
  • Uses standard 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel jacks as output ports. Cables not included (sold here, and commonly available from other sources).
  • WiFi connected to Home Assistant or local web server, including per-port on/off control and current monitoring. No clouds.
  • Integrated status display (OLED)
  • Open Source Hardware and Firmware: firmware update over OTA or USB-C.
  • Works with upcoming DCBuddy Battery and DCBuddy Multiple-Voltage Redundant Input Hub!
  • Power Inputs:

Remember to check out the matching Wall Mount and Cable Retainer as well as Cables for connecting to equipment, and don't forget to pick up a Power Supply or Power Adapter for other power supplies

Note this product is currently sold as early access (meaning some features may be changed or require firmware updates to function), and is shipping in batches as we receive more inventory from our manufacturer. We will do our best to update this page with batches and ship dates - if in doubt, please reach out.


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