blueAcro - Reef Controllers and Lighting

Custom lighting, control and measurement products, Designed and Made in California.

AcroStar LED Emitters

High output, high density LED systems — for the perfect color and shimmer. No disco lighting, no lens hot spots - AcroStar emitters feature dense, multi-watt multi-spectral LED arrays, with high PAR levels and available reflectors, all featuring multiple control channels. Standard with an easy to use solder-free wire connection system for rapid reef lighting system builds. Designed and Made in the California.

blueAcro AcroIQ LED Drivers

LED Drivers are required for any solid-state lighting system, and we have several unique styles to choose from, in very compact form-factors to make builds easy and sleek.

LED Dimming Converters and Accessories

APEX PWM Converter

Have an existing aquarium controller, such as a Neptune APEX, and need to convert to PWM dimming capability? Use our plug-and-play APEX PWM dimmer with an industry leading 6 channels of control!

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