APEX 0-10V to PWM Adapter (6 channel)
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APEX 0-10V to PWM Adapter (6 channel)

$ 22.99

Have a Neptune APEX Controller? Need to control PWM dimmable LED systems? Then this add-on board is for you!

Features and Specifications

  • Power supply: 5-12V power input, 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel jack power input (standard wall adapter)
  • Input connector: 2x RJ45, direct connection from APEX 0-10V VDM ports using Cat5 cable
  • PWM output: 6 channels of 0-5V PWM.
    • Channel 1-4 follows 0-10V output from APEX 0-10V ports
    • Channel 5 follows channel 3 with a configuration ratio set by on-board trimmer, channel 6 follows channel 4 with a configurable ratio
    • Phoenix PTSM push-pin wire terminal blocks - accepts 20-26 gauge wire. Use small flat-head screw-driver to release wire
  • Dimensions: 2.2 x 2.2 inches

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