reefVolt DualDoser (Reef-Pi Dosing Pump) (Kit)
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reefVolt DualDoser (Reef-Pi Dosing Pump) (Kit)

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New! Self contained, USB controlled, Reef-Pi dual dosing / ATO / top-off pump, with float switch inputs. Includes power supply!

Want to expand your Reef-Pi controller setup, or looking at building a controller based on the preeminent Raspberry Pi based aquarium controller? Look no further than the reefVolt DualDoser!

Connectivity is straight forward, using just a USB cable from the Raspberry Pi to the doser, and a small 12V power adapter. After installing the reefVolt Bridge software on the Raspberry Pi, Reef-Pi is able to control the doser pump with a minimum of fuss.

The DualDoser also includes inputs for two float switches (mechanical), as well as manual priming operation button.

The DualDoser offers a fail-safe functionality set, including timeouts for pump operation if the primary Raspberry Pi suffers a fault or becomes unavailable, disabling pumps if they were running.

  • Two peristaltic dosing pumps with DC motor and silicone tubing (Kamoer)
  • 2mm ID pump tubing for 37ml/min flow rate
  • Two float switch inputs
  • Custom open hardware controller running open source firmware, USB firmware upgrade capable

This is sold as a kit, including:

  • USB A to microB cable
  • 12V power supply


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