AcroStrip LED Strips

High output, miniature LED strip segments in a variety of spectrums. Each strip features 6 Lumileds Luxeon C and SemiLEDs LEDs, in two channels, at up to 18W of total power in a very compact size. Standard with an easy to use solder-free wire connection system (which uses ordinary wire - no special connectors needed!) for rapid reef lighting system builds. AcroStrips are under 4 inches long and a half inch wide.

LEDs need an LED driver - check out our AcroIQ series of drivers

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AcroStrips are compact and powerful, perfect if you are retrofitting fixtures, need in-fill lighting, or wish to place the LED light source close to the water.

AcroStrip Lineup

All AcroStrips are made in the USA using high quality Luxeon and SemiLEDs components. Each AcroStrip mounts using two #4 screws (not included, see our hardware lineup) and mates perfectly using any LED driver which delivers up to 1A, like our AcroIQ Micro Driver. Each LED channel requires approximately 10 volts (6V for the plant model) from the driver.

We use a combination of the Luxeon 90CRI 5700k White LED, which has a strong blue component and a very broad spectrum with no green or red peaks like normal cool or white LEDs, and the new Luxeon Mint LEDs, which feature a visually pleasing color rendition and a unique 440nm peak.

20k+ Pro

14k+ Pro

Freshwater / Planted Tank

Violet Pro


Horticultural / Grow / Plant / Algae (720nm)

LED Legend