AcroStar Technology

High density, Lumileds Luxeon high power 3W LEDs arranged on a single metal star board for optimal thermal dissapation. The high density LED array does not sacrifice power for superior blending of colors. Up to 100W of LED power in a space no larger than 1-4 average single LED star / puck boards, with T-slot compatible mounting options.

Made in the USA with high quality, Lumileds, SemiLEDs, OSRAM and Viosys LED emitters. All channels are designed to be driven in an equal manner for optimum light: no more useless red and green channels, or overpowering whites.

Push in, easy release solderless wire connectors accept a wide variety of wire types.

Purpose fit, wide angle, easy mount available reflectors get the light into your aquarium. PAR levels are evened out and peak PAR is 4x higher than a bare array


Custom laser-cut diffusers mounted on our reflectors reduces shadowing by providing a high efficiency (89%) transmissive scattering surface. Dramatically reduces shadowing, while providing superior PAR to the aquarium over a bare LED solution.