AcroIQ LED Drivers

LEDs need a driver, and we have several DC/DC drivers to chose from. When combined with an AC/DC power supply, you can safely power multiple AcroStar or AcroStrip LEDs.

AcroIQ MicroDriver v2

48V, 2 channel, 400-1000mA adjustable current with PWM

The AcroIQ MicroDriver driver is a mere 2.6 x 0.7 inches, offers two current adjustable channels with PWM dimming, and can mount right next to your LEDs on T-slot or other heatsinks. Capable of 48V supply voltages, the driver is fully compatible with any 3.3V or 5V PWM dimming signal from off-the-shelf controllers from blueAcro or others.

New V2 design - same size, but more robust input protection and power filtering!

PWM dimming is optional! The current is adjustable, between 400mA to 1000mA (1 Amp), using an on-board adjustment knob. The current limit works in tandem with PWM dimming!

One driver is capable of driving up to 3 Half-Mega AcroStars (when using a 48V power supply), and can be used as a pair to power 5 Mega4Z AcroStars. Up to 4 AcroStrip LEDs can be driven by a single driver.


  • Made in the USA
  • 12-48V supply voltage
  • VIn - 3V maximum output voltage (12V in, 9V out) over the full input range
  • Fully adjustable from 400-1000mA using on-board trim potentiometer
  • PWM dimmable over the entire range, including off, by a 120Hz-30kHz 3.3V-5V PWM signal.
  • Push-in terminals accepting 20-26 gauge wire are provided for input power and LED connections.
  • 2.6 x 0.7 inches
  • Four #4 mounting screw holes
  • Up to 96% efficient at closely matched Input-Output voltages